Wash Packages


Single Wash
$39.99Per MonthUnlimited Wash Club

1st Month Only

$9.99 Monthly

Ceramic Seal
Extreme Shine Wax Under Body Rinse Rain-X Tire Shine Triple Foam Mammoth Dry Sealant Rim Cleaner

Includes everything!


Single Wash
$32.99Per MonthUnlimited Wash Club

1st Month Only

$9.99 Month


Single Wash
$24.99Per MonthUnlimited Wash Club

1st Month Only

$9.99 Month


We offer free vacuums and self-service bays with minute-based pricing to better serve you.

Express Tunnel

Self-Serve Bays

Free Vacuums

Take advantage of our unlimited car wash membership

Your car is a big investment! Keep it in good condition by regularly washing it and using quality products. Our members have daily access to our wash tunnel at our Johnstown location.


How it works


Select your favorite package


We charge monthly and you can wash your car every day!


Your license plate will be automatically recognized when you drive to our tunnel, and let you in!

A membership is a simple, convenient, and low-cost way to keep your car perpetually clean. Classic Auto Wash offers unlimited wash packages for each of our 3 different packages. Memberships can be purchased online or at our location. Our members are able to enter our tunnel daily once the license plate is automatically recognized. It’s that simple and you don’t even have to open your window! The wash package you purchased will be displayed in the lighted sign as you enter the tunnel.

Memberships must be paid using a credit or debit card and they renew each month automatically on the same day of the month as purchased. If for any reason you no longer wish to participate you can cancel your membership and your credit card will not be charged again. If you have questions, check our FAQ on our contact-us page.